His Name Loved My Name

We were young.

I fell in love once back in my middle school times. He loved me I loved him. After two days of non stop talking, hanging out at school as well as after school, I felt like I could not breathe. All the fun that I was having before loving someone went straight out to the window. I was now a girl who loved someone hence a part of the couple theory. After two days of being a couple, I had realized that I did not want to be. All I wanted was to be part of my life before loving someone. There happened a big argument between myself and the boy I loved. It was hard to explain why I did not want to be a couple with him anymore. I wanted to play sports, hang out with my girlfriends and instead of meeting up with him every day after school, go home and have a chat with my mom. I wanted to be me before him. He raged against me, our friend groups and my whole point of view about couple’s lives. I could stand tall and strong, but could not swallow his words said for my friends. After all, I never put my friends down for love. The boy and I were in different classes which helped me to settle down with my transition from a couple’s world to the classroom spirit. He on the other hand kept on raging. I remember this girl coming up to me to say that he took her pencil case because he wanted me back. “ENOUGH!’, I said after witnessing his rage with people around me, went straight to his corner. He was surrounded by his friends who loved soccer, eat soccer, play soccer, vomited soccer. I asked for the pencil case that belonged to one of the quietest girls in my class. They all played dumb and dumber yet they had no idea what I was capable of. At least, that was what went through my head. I asked for the pencil case again, over and over again until one of his friends admitted it was in the boy’s bathroom. All the time I stood there in my own rage, the boy watched me. His eyes were all over me, melting with my every move. I tried so hard not to look at the love that came from him, because if I did I would have remembered how much I loved him in return. Love was rage to me at that moment; I was not going to soften up. Off I went to the boy’s bathroom to pick up the pencil case. There were writings all over the mirrors in the bathroom. Being curious as I was I wanted to read them, however I did not because I was there for the pencil case. I looked for it under the window, it was not there. I checked the back of every stool to find the case in the back of the last stool I looked. There was a writing on that same wall that was hard to miss. It said with big capital letters in an ugly  boy handwriting way that his name loved my name. I took a sharpie out of the girl’s pencil case, scratch all over the writing until one of the teachers caught me in the boy’s bathroom. I was punished and given a second chance to make it up to my teachers by cleaning the mirrors in the boy’s bathroom. All he did was to skip his class to help me with cleaning the mirrors. We cleaned mirrors together, told each other we loved each other and left for our separate classes in session.

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