Unheard Quotes by Unknown People with their Unknown Meanings

Photo By Letizia Bordoni

“There is a defined, bold and unseen line between you and the things you are about to do.”, my dad would tell me growing up. Every time I was in between choosing good or evil, he tried to make me remember that there was a defined, bold but unseen line between me and those that I would choose from. Since it is to be unseen, I always imagined it as different paths that I could decide to take.

“If something is worth not doing for you, don’t waste your time.”, my grandpa used to say. He was the type of man who was full of himself, and his free time to journal, read books (any and all types of books you can imagine), and on the side, his work, friends, and family life occurred. When he died, everyone remembered all the things that he had done rather than the ones he’ chosen not to get done.

“As simple as it seems, you will need to choose one over the other. When you choose the one that you really want, watch what happens!”, my best friend would tell me when I was feeling like a failure. With this thought in mind, she has been to places, learned new languages, become very successful at her job, and still on her way to reach out for those things she really wants.. over the things that she might or might not want.

“Your power means nothing unless you control it., my philosopher friend would say. At the time, I took it literally in my workout routine. Today, I see it is just way more than that, for power can take different shapes, forms, and meanings. It can be your mental, financial, religious, emotional power as well as your effectiveness, result- oriented nature, encouragement, even loving one another abilities. How much can you put yourself in other’s shoes? How many times you are able to do put yourself in other’s shoes because you just don’t want to? How many times do you feel challenged at a mental level? How about financial, physical? You might be SO powerful in those areas, that is if you can control those powers of yours. If you choose otherwise, it is the power that will be rotten in no time with no return value to you or anyone around you.

Photo by John Verhoestra on Unsplash

“Everyone and everything exist as long as people care to notice, give attention, and make it meaningful. Otherwise, nothing exists.”, my friend from college told me once. I found the philosopher who had this idea all along, which would later on lead to the two types of existentialists we talk about in today’s world. Schopenhauer is the philosopher behind this and many more ideas that really grasped my whole being the moment I started learning about him. On one hand, he was extremely hopeless for the reason being nothing had any meaning to anyone unless we chose to put a meaning on it, but on the other hand the philosophers who took this to heart were able to make a better outcome out of it by implying that if there is no meaning in anything, why worry about meaningless things? Well, of course the studies, the philosophers, and philosophy by itself have never clearly put it in those words but at least, that is, perhaps the meaning most people like me have given the thoughts of existentialists.

In this post, I have shared with you five (5) different quotes from both people around me and that one philosopher who seemed to examine life just like the other people around me but of course, with more knowledge in his field. I would like you to read each quote one more time, choose your favorite one and remember it, whenever you seem not to give a meaning on certain things.

Lastly, I would like to remind you the whole point of this article. It is a reminder for you to remember that things get meaningful or meaningless based on what you decide. Would you yell at the person who bumps into you by accident or would you choose not to put any meaning on it and walk away? It is up to you.

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