Bathroom Diaries

Why is it so hard to have peace of mind? “No one said it would be easy”, said no one ever because everyone is motivating us to first put ourselves first then to be a nice, kind and helpful human being to those around us. What do all these successful millionaires want from us by giving us a speech about time, relationships and money besides asking for our money to purchase their books, seminars and such?

I do not know if you work at any sort of work that has to deal with people all day long, then go work on your own body and mind at the gym or any kind of sports or maybe even short yoga session to get even more tired so only then you can go home exhausted and have that peace of mind? But then, it is all ruined with one phone call, or an email that is telling you to do more work or maybe a guest/ friend/ parent that talks to you for hours to put all their weight on you so that they can finally sleep better since they did not work that same day?

Yes? Welcome to “No peace no mind only Bullshit Club” then. I am here with you joining you from New York. I cannot tell you how tired I am but still chasing the rainbows of my lonely serene nights hoping it will one day happen for me. I can see the rainbow at nights, right? In fact, I cannot even tell you where my only alone time takes place… You guessed it, bathrooms.

Bathrooms are the places where I am all alone. Bathrooms are the ones that I stand still- no phone calls, no texts, no small talks. Bathrooms are where every action of peace takes place for me. Bathrooms are quiet, peaceful and spacious. Forget about the peace between countries/ politicians and actors in those series you watch. Bathrooms are a mirror reflections of the Heavens. They are emojis that you want to use all the time, little hearts with open eyes.

One deep breath..




You are dead because while you are in the bathroom doing your overthinking someone had to knock on your door out of all the other ones that exist. Because just like the other ones, someone had to shit on your peace of mind- literally. You know the one that you are about to give up on. Don’t give up, don’t give in. If you take your time, they might leave. Oh, no bad news! They are waiting because none of the other bathrooms have any toilet papers left or maybe they are only occupied. Who gives a damn when you lose your own shit? Calm down, zipper up, face down, phone goes into your pocket.

Walk out of there. As one Iron Maiden song goes, ” Run to the hills! Run for your life'” Run out of the bathroom.

Wash hands. Check yourself in the mirror. Okay, you now look like the person whose serene life can handle everyone else’s toxic little world problems. Leave it all in the bathroom.. Great! Buckle up, get ready for all answers you have to give back to imply that you are listening,hmm, yea, oh yeahs and go. Good job, smile! 👏

If you are anything close to the edge of your own nerves go do your exercises to take it all out after work/ during lunch hour or even better right before you go home, which will only cause you to lose sleep once you arrive home because there is definitely that one person waiting impatiently to ruin your whole night, steal your time for yourself and lose your sleep. How long can you handle this? If there were a contest for people like you and I, I would not compete you because by the time I start, you or I will be giving ourselves out to someone else’s problems anyway, forgetting our own. Carry on like we do not have a life, trying to survive, trying to be the breadwinner for our little, hungry stomachs.

No matter what you do, please take your sweet time in the bathroom. Enjoy the peace of mind it brings to you, for it is the only place where you can achieve it.

Best Wishes,