Camel: Camel is an animal that seems like a very basic mammal with four legs, two eyes, big lips, and humped backs. When you look at a camel it is inevitable to look away. You want to examine this creature to understand what he is carrying on his back. Are those all necessary? It is not easy to escape your brain powers to relate to this animal to your own human self, at least not at a physical level. How about if we use camel humps as a metaphor of our past relationships, happy memories, mistakes, childhood, regrets, well-made decisions?

Let me explain.

Camels depending on their types have one or two humps on their backs. No matter how many humps they own on their backs, a camel carries its humps everywhere. Camels walk around with their humps on their backs.The humps store food and fat in them, meaning they carry their energy on their backs. Food and fat become energy in the future and present. If a camel forgets to store food and fat-which I am sure is not a common thing along camels due to their survival mechanism, they are weak with no fat to burn for energy, no energy to run from their predators, no food to eat when hungry. Basic terms to explain the same survival instinctual behavior would be to use their stored up energy that comes from their past instinctual survival mechanisms.

What happens if we try to look at the same camel compared to humans, not so much in the form and shape but in a sense of instincts, carrying humps on our backs?

Human: A human is a mammal, just like a camel that  has two eyes, big mouth, big head, big dreams, a vast amount of energy if they have learned to save it in their past. Unlike camels, humans do not look at humans’ bodies regularly and think what they do with camels. In case they happen to stare at their own bodies- because again unlike camels they learn about the mirror effects at the age of 4 (if I remember it right from my psych 101 classes), as humans get older they learn to look away from their own bodies. They rather stare at someone else’s body for a short span of time, only not to feel safe in their own skins. However, this is only a difference between the human and a camel at a very physical and at the same time a little psychological level. Although, it is a good way to compare the two animals, there is a rather more explaining, more eye opening as well as more relatable way.

A Camel to a Human Metaphor: Imagine a camel as a human being. The camel is walking in the vast endless wild desert by itself. To survive, the camel saves the food and holds fat in its humped back. Imagine a human as a camel. The human walks in the vast, endless looking, wild journey of life by himself/herself. To survive, the human saves all the information that had ever been taught, told, thought, experienced in early life to survive in the future as well as in the present. Nevertheless, both animals have to survive. 

Camels use their instinctual habits to survive in the physical sense, humans have to do it on both the physical level as well as psychological/ conscious level.  Your parents hurt you in the past? Now you know how to care less. Your significant other cheated on you? Now you know how not to be gullible to lies. Your career went down the drain? You are now in the process of discovery for a new better option. You got divorced? You now realize life is not all rainbows and sandwiches. More importantly, if you broke someone’s heart in the past or you lost track of your own healthy living style, you can learn from it  by facing the consequences to step into a new realm of you, stronger, wiser. 


What would a camel do if it made a simple mistake if lost a hump or two?Die from hunger, disease, or get eaten by a predator for that camel having no energy to run fast, be furious. 

If humans were camels, we would die everyday from the traumatic experiences we had to face in our past. Fortunately, we live to survive in both dimensions of life. 1- Our physical actions can be corrected. 2- Our conscious actions can be realized, and corrected. 3- One affects the other.

Don’t carry yesterday’s worries in your humps. Leave your humps in the past.  YOU ARE NOT A CAMEL! 

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Intoxicated World against The Heart Chakra

Last week, I came across a life changing message bombarded from everywhere, the heart chakra. From people telling me to listen to my heart to being given a tarot card from the most random person about the heart chakra to being told that gratitude’s wonderful return to the heart, and of course the question that is, ” What are you going to do on Valentine’s Day?”. You know forgive and love everyone type of talks were everywhere I unintentionally had been to.

To take away from it all I went to see a movie alone on Feb 8th, Friday. The plan was that it was going to be a scary movie where I would not have to hear the same conversation topic that was popular to bring up when with me, heart and chakras. As I was watching the movie, a friend showed up with some extra buttered popcorn so that I knew that I was loved. Oh, and the movie was okay yet to your surprise, it was about the love of this psychopath’s love for women’s hands. Yes, guess which movie. Love is in the air.-

They say, “Home is where your heart is.” Well… As a first glimpse of it all, I took the hardest way out to challenge myself. First step was to watch videos of course, then I moved on to talking to people who are more knowledgeable than me in this area- chakras, heart, loving, receiving, giving, spreading the love etc. I believe my heart is different than theirs, or as they told me,” there is no open doors left.” Luckily though, I could open the doors wide or cracked, if I chose to. Being the person that I am, I thought why not let all the keys of my heart loosen up a bit so some breeze of love might come right at it to knock, or simply just walk in. Just FYI, this is not a romantic love but as they point out,”the love of all. One love.”

Things took a quick left turn since I had decided to do everything to open my heart or call it the heart chakra. I lost one of the most valuable things to me in this life, our necklace that we inherit from one generation to another. Then, while trying to show love and gratitude to other people, I bought food for the people around me to make their days, they were all on a diet. I could hear myself talk not just to talk, but give motivation and inspiration to the ones around me. I tried to inspire, people kept repeating, ” I know.”

Then all of a sudden, a light bulb appeared on my head- not heart. In order to show love, I thought, what can possible be better than fresh smells of flowers, in which thought my actions followed. I made a big purchase to pamper someone I truly adore. I ordered a big bouquet of flower and shared a quote from that person’s favorite author. Epic another failure.

The company was a fraud. Flowers and the quote have never been delivered to this very day. Worse is, she really needed them while crying her heart out alone at home. I really just wanted her to be happy, feel the love around and receive yet more than that took place. Now my money is gone out the window, the customer service representatives are making me lose my mind, that person lost on being a little happier with the surprise of flowers, and as I am typing this with my heater in my place not working for the first time in a weather like this- a New York kind. Maybe if I look at my heater long enough, it would possibly work? Maybe if I open my heart chakra wide enough, the flowers would be delivered. Better yet, why am I trying so hard to make it all right? Is this something my heart wants me to do? I don’t feel so.

I do not personally understand why opening a heart chakra would make a person this miserable. Can it be that my heart is a dark and humid place where there can only be monsters and ghost stories take place? Could it be maybe that it is so used to my worst choices of not showing love and care that as soon as it’s opened, it has gained its power to its hysterical form from a pretentious high amount of sadness? Or, another theory would be that even though I work on my heart chakra, other people are not. The evil hearts are eating my little one? Because as they say, ” Big fish eats the small ones.”

I mean how much gratitude can our hearts handle if it all comes back to it in a form of rotten, broken or not delivered flowers or a lost very valuable jewelry? Are we really giving or giving up on love?