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You heard it right! Clubhouse has been changing everything right from the beginning. As a participant and a moderator in different rooms, I will share with you what it is, what it does, and why you should get it now!

It is a brand new app that you can get to your phone – ONLY if it is an Iphone (at least for now). You can’t currently download it from your App Store due to its being SO very new. In order to be part of this community, you have GOT TO be invited by someone.
*Also, if you want to invite friends WATCH OUT! You can only add certain amount of people from your contacts.

Think about Clubhouse as a podcast platform where people all over the world can join, participate and comment. Everyone can get a chance to participate in discussions- that is if the moderator lets you.

Clubhouse is not a platform where you share images and pictures like Instagram and Facebook. You don’t showcase your videos like Youtube. There is no commenting section in Clubhouse. You do not rate anyone, either as you would in the other platforms. All together, there is not an interaction in written form. Interaction is only possible with audio. Like it is stated above, this is an app that is just like a podcast but it includes everyone in the conversations. In order to use this app, you do not need any equipment! Your phone’s microphone does all the job for you.
*As the app is getting huge and more commercial in some ways, we might see some people use extra equipments in the future.


Firstly, you need to get invited.
Secondly, you download the app by using that invitation you receive to your phone, and register.
Thirdly, registration is possible with your phone number.
Fourth step is to choose a cool bio and a profile picture.
*BIO is where you put a little bit of an information about yourself. However, what I have seen so far is that people share their work experiences, skills and current jobs. The reason for that is the fact that Clubhouse is being used as a bridge between job-seekers and people who are interested in hiring. In that sense, Clubhouse can be like Linkedin as it can be used to find connections.
Fifth step would be to follow people, groups and chat rooms. If some of your friends are not on this platform yet, now you can start inviting them as well.
Sixth and the last step would be to join conversations, talk or listen, raise your hand to get a chance to participate in some big chat rooms, or/and just create your own room with friends and random people that can relate to you in a way or two.

Clubhouse is growing pretty rapidly as of now. There are famous and known speakers who can answer your questions. Hope this article helps you understand Clubhouse! Since it is a very new app, we do not know how everything will go with this app, but we can honestly see how it is growing so fast and getting very popular in a very short period of time!

Thank you for reading!

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Why And How I Really Stopped Smoking Cigarettes?

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I .. can’t believe I’m saying this but.. I am NOT a smoker anymore. This is not a disgrace. I am not claiming that I don’t belong to that category anymore. I see myself on the side of smokers still. When I am out with my friends, I still am that person who walks out for a cigarette, except I do not smoke with them anymore. After all those high school, college, internship and jobs, rebelliousness later. Here I am sipping on my tea and not smoking cigarettes. Can you believe?!

You might or might not wonder, how and why? Well.. In order to put some structure to my smoking journey, let me start with why. I promise it is only one word, health. Okay. Make it two, healthy future. If you really had to make my reasoning stuck in three words, there we go, I was scared.

Not to go into details, but one day I woke up to this pain in my chest that did not let me get out of my bed. You know how people say, ” How are you?”, then they reply, ” Hey, I opened my eyes today.”? Yes. That hit me real hard at the same moment when I was trying to get rid of the pain in my chest. It felt like, I almost died and gave up my future. I felt like I gave it all away easily yet in pain. With pleasure yet regretfully.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not looking towards a future because of my current assets at hand. If the competition is real in New York, I fall under the buildings of people who work at big corporations. I am not rich, yet. My survival is in the hopes of a family one day. Maybe that day I will want to live more fully. Anyways, that is a topic for another day.

So, that day made me realize many things. I thought of my relationships- oldies, Goldie’s, shittiest, current-ties?- the times I smoked, the pleasure I got from my behavior, the love I gave every single smoke of it. I never hated smoking, even now. I DO NOT HATE CIGARETTES AT ALL! It was always a way to get me out of awkward places and situations; it was also going against the people around me who thought smoking killed. In my head, I proved them it did not, there I smoked in my healthy body against the currents of their healthy life standards.

However, my heart could not take my rebellious smoking anymore and my lungs could not promise me to have a healthy family. But, that one thing that really got me was the vision of myself being in a hospital where my future kids came to visit me, oh dear God, my future husband’s worrisome in those eyes killed me yet I was alive trying to breath. I remember while in the hospital, this thought coming to mind, ” Why did not I stop earlier? I DESERVED this all. I hate when people gave me the pitiful looks, especially in a hospital bed.”

Furthermore, quitting saves you money both for your prescriptions and your new packs. MOST IMPORTANTLY, not smoking gives you time to do something else.

How Did I Quit?

I went on to my Amazon Kindle account to order a book by Allan Carr. Everyone used to tell me to read it because they all quit or they knew someone who did after reading. Well.. Having the odds in mind before reading it, I found the video online. Watching it meanwhile smoking my cigarette and cooking for the next day’s work I did not even come closer to realizing that all those cigarettes were going to be my last. Believe it..or not. Date was October 29th at night, marking a new day for the humanity. A new smokeless life ahead for me. Special you might think? It was not. I read my book after the video.

Challenges To Bear in mind

Halloween in New York, 2018. -No Smoking

I had to go to a Halloween Parade in New York with a tension on my nerves, I just had to smoke. Instead, I smoked a B12 vape. I smelled the smoke on people I did not know. I did not keep my distance from smokers but got involved in their conversations as they smoked cigarettes. I smoked my vape. B freaking 12 vape.

My second day was worse. But, since I had a tracker app on my phone I wanted to see how long I would go without smoking cigarettes. My third was was horrible. People online claim that the third day is the most hated day for a smoker. Well, I made it to the forth day somewhat. Believe me keeping up with not smoking while working was hard but I did it through my third day. Hashtag stubborn? Yes, indeed. I wish someone told me about the forth day, though.

My Quit Guide App

My 4th of Quit Challenge was horrible. It was like a scary movie. It was a day that went all unplanned. Now, if you are trying to stop smoking, tell people that you are really trying and it is not an easy task. Absolutely, not. People around me, thanks to ALL of them, helped me non stop. Some offered me cigarettes, some pulled me into their conversations that would pass the time for me easily. Staying indoors was the hardest thing, so some people took walks with me, some texted me I should just smoke. Thanks to all of them, I made it home somehow. Then the cravings kicked in hardcore. Think about a war then, that you are in the middle of it. If you go back, they will kill you. If you go forward, well you can’t because you just got shot. So you are just hoping, praying, mostly confused because the fear of it is all real. I feared. I tore myself apart. I punched the walls, sang in the shower, kicked the doors, danced my feet off, panicked, laughed, bit my pillows, yet my words stayed uneaten. I made it to my 5th day.

5th was better than the previous ones because there only left two more days to make it a week. After all, I could smoke after my first week I thought. Countless cravings.. punches.. passive aggressive behaviors later I got hooked on Juul. My aromatherapy vapes, B12 vapes were all smoked to the last smoke. First time that nicotine from Juul hit me, my body thanked me like it never had before. The rush was unreal. I was happy and calm again. The tension I had before had disappeared like the smoke that was coming out of my mouth..

Complain if you need to, I did. Read if you want to, I did. All those days after the video, I kept reading my kindle, Carr’s famous book. It helped more and more with each page I read. Get an app on your phone to motivate you and track your smokeless days like I did. My other friend who also did this with me and I became coffee addicts, non-smokers. It’s not healthy, but addiction is always replaceable, which was a great thing to realize! A bright light bulb πŸ’‘

Here I am. I made it to my 60th day of being smoke free today. Happy Quitting to people all over the world. Now I know Juul is not safe, it has nicotine in it so it is as bad as cigarettes some say but it all depends how much you vape. By the time you get to your 60th day, you might as well get so used to drinking with no cigarettes, vapes, hanging out without cigarettes, walking to work, coming back home from work, standing at a bus stop, waiting for your Uber without any cigarettes. Vape if you need to but don’t give yourself to it like you did with cigarettes.

If you are not ready, don’t do it. If people keep bugging you about your smoking, don’t quit. If you love the thought of killing yourself slowly but faster than all the others, Quit Now! Because you are not killing yourself. You are putting yourself in a hospital where people can have pity on you one day and say the unspeakable words at your face,” I told you to quit.” Do NOT give anyone that privilege. Quit smoking when YOU want to.

Another last but the MOST important reason to quit also a helpful tip how to quit is the fact that smokers usually smoke because they are “stressed out”. Who stresses you out? When they stress you out ask yourself, ” Does this person deserve to have a saying on my health?” If the answer is yes, keep smoking. If it is no, go do something healthy because they are getting on your nerves. You are the judge of your own destiny and the writer of your own book. Do not let people make you smoke then tell you not to smoke. You are stronger than their pressure on you.

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In case you wonder, I am still not a hater. I love smoking, those smoking conversations, stepping outside and such. Moreover, I still participate in those actions except I do not smoke cigarettes anymore. Life is a little okay without them, too. With or without cigarettes life is still.. what was the song?….. Life? ✨🎢😊 Go get your hair done next time you want to smoke or maybe, take a good look at your beautiful skin in the mirror. Keep it that way. You deserve a better future πŸ™ŒπŸΌ